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Online Resources - covering:

Parenting, Adoption/Fostering & Child Care

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Dot Advisory Centre for Education
An independent national service centre for parents of children in state-funded education.

Dot BBC Parenting
An extensive range of parenting resources, including videos.

Dot Families Need Fathers
Information and support on shared parenting following separation or divorce.

Dot Gingerbread
Support for lone parent families in England and Wales.

Dot Home Start
Support to families with one child under 5 years old.

Dot Leeds Animation Workshop
Short animated videos on parenting issues.

Dot National Childbirth Trust
Information and support during pregnancy, childbirth and early parenthood.

Dot National Family Mediation
Mediators helping parents who live apart stay close to their children.

Dot NCH (previously National Children's Home)
Practical information for children, young people and parents going through a family break-up.

Dot Parent Advice Centre (Northern Ireland)
Support, guidance and counselling to parents and young people with family difficulties in Northern Ireland.

Dot Parentline (Ireland)
Information and counselling to anyone in a parent role in Ireland.

Dot Parentline (Scotland)
Information and counselling to anyone in a parent role in Scotland.

Dot Pink Parents
Information and advice on all aspects of gay and lesbian parenting.

Dot Prisoners' Families Helpline
A free and confidential service to anyone with a family member in prison.

Dot Tamba
Information and support to parents with twins and multiple births.


Dot British Association for Counselling and Adoption
A charity working on behalf of children separated from their birth parents.

National organisation for counselling adoptees and parents.

Dot Foster Care
Fostering Solutions is an independent foster care agency seeking to ensure positive outcomes for children and young people in foster care.

Child Care

Dot Child Care Link
Information on child care options in the UK.

Dot Daycare Trust
A national charity promoting high quality affordable childcare for all.

Dot National Association of Child Contact Centres
Safe places where children of separated families can spend time with one or both parents.

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